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About Us


What is MedViS?

Medical Virtual Simulation (MedVis) is a not-for-profit organisation that strives to deliver high quality virtual simulation training online for medical students. MedVis was established by foundation doctors at Oxford University Hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic



Our sessions

Each simulation session we run is designed to place the candidate in the shoes of a foundation doctor during an on-call shift. During the program, the facilitators will ask the candidates to virtually manage a wide variety of acute and suitably challenging presentations. Following each scenario, candidates can expect personalised feedback focusing on 4 key domains set out by UKFPO including assessment, interpreting investigations, initiating management and escalating appropriately.



Our Objectives

1. Preparing for F1 - Our main goal is to use evidence based teaching to best prepare medical students for life as a foundation doctor 

2. We enable Doctors in training to gain teaching experience and learn invaluable leadership skills.

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