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Research Integrity and Academic Conduct

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1. Introduction

MedVis Ltd. ("the Company") is committed to maintaining the highest standards of research integrity and academic conduct. This policy outlines the principles and guidelines that all individuals associated with MedVis Ltd., including employees, committee members, researchers, collaborators, and contractors, are expected to adhere to in the pursuit of research and academic activities.

2. Research Integrity

2.1. Honesty and Transparency

All research activities conducted under the auspices of MedVis Ltd. shall be characterised by honesty, transparency, and the avoidance of fabrication, falsification, or plagiarism. Researchers must accurately report their findings and methodologies.

2.2. Data Management

Researchers are responsible for the proper collection, storage, and management of research data. Data should be retained according to relevant regulations and guidelines, and it should be made available for verification when required. Data access shall be restricted to the minimum number of authorised users necessary to fulfill the designated purpose. Additionally, data shall be pseudonymised at the earliest feasible stage with encryption key restricted to members of the executive MedVis committee to enhance privacy and data security.

2.3. Authorship and Acknowledgment

Authorship of research outputs should be based on substantial contributions to the research. All contributors should be appropriately acknowledged. Gift authorship or the omission of deserving contributors is not acceptable.

3. Academic Conduct

3.1. Plagiarism

Plagiarism, which includes the use of someone else's work, ideas, or words without proper acknowledgment, is strictly prohibited. Proper citation and attribution are required for all borrowed material.

3.2. Conflicts of Interest

Individuals involved in academic activities for MedVis Ltd. should disclose any financial, professional, or personal conflicts of interest that may influence their research or academic work. Such conflicts should be managed transparently to avoid bias or compromise of the research.

3.3. Collaboration and Collaboration

Collaboration among researchers and academic partners is encouraged and should be conducted ethically and professionally. Researchers should respect the contributions and intellectual property rights of all collaborators.

4. Reporting Violations

MedVis Ltd. is committed to maintaining a culture of research integrity and academic excellence. Any suspected violations of this policy should be reported promptly to the appropriate channels within the organisation.

5. Consequences of Violations

Violations of this Research Integrity and Academic Conduct policy may result in disciplinary actions, including but not limited to retraction of publications, loss of research privileges, termination of contracts or employment, and legal actions if warranted.

6. Training and Education

MedVis Ltd. will provide appropriate training and resources to ensure that all individuals associated with the organisation are aware of and capable of upholding the principles and guidelines outlined in this policy.

7. Review and Updates

This policy will be periodically reviewed to ensure its effectiveness and relevance. Updates and revisions will be made as necessary to align with evolving best practices and regulatory requirements.


By adhering to this Research Integrity and Academic Conduct Policy, individuals associated with MedVis Ltd. contribute to the organization's commitment to excellence, integrity, and the advancement of knowledge in the field of medical education.


Date of Adoption: 07/10/2020

Last Revision: 04/10/23

Authorized by: Dr. Neel Doshi, Director MedVis 

Date: 04/10/23

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