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Consultant Clinical Advisory Board -

We continue to be open to applications for

new consultants to join our advisory board


How to apply

1. Complete the adjacent form with your contact details and a short text entry detailing your interest in joining other consultants on the board, along with where you are currently employed and in what role 


Applications for National Committee Positions -

Applications are now closed for MedViS National Committee Positions for the 2023/24 academic year

What Roles do we have available?

1. Content Creation Lead: Spearhead the innovation of new simulation scenarios and increase the fidelity of existing scenarios.

2. Quality Assurance Lead: Chair meetings with a Clinical Governance Group of Consultants to ensure quality of simulation scenarios making edits as required.

3. Design Lead: Create professional looking materials and work in partnership with the content creation lead to innovate new simulation scenarios.

4. Events/ Conference Lead: Lead a team to deliver a national medical education conference.

5. Head of AI: Work on development/ integration of new/ existing NLP models to increase fidelity of virtual simulation.

6. Head of IT: Responsible for the website, maintaining it is up to date and building new pages to advertise achievements/ prizes

7. IMG Outreach Officer: Identify medical schools, establish relationships, recruit students to program
8. IMG Recruitment Officer: Work with IMG outreach officer, recruit facilitators
9. IMG Head of Research: Collect data on IMG experience, produce posters/publications

10. Regional Leads (multiple positions): See below  

If you would like to join the MedVis team as part of our national committee - please fill out the application form: 




10. MedVis Regional Lead Positions: As we continue to expand if there is not a MedVis Group set up in your local area - we are looking for enthusiastic passionate medical educators to set up new groups with Universities where we are currently not active. 

What will this involve? 

Being a regional/ local lead will involve electing a local committee, teaming up with your local university and recruiting facilitators to deliver high quality teaching sessions. It will also involve being a productive member of the wider national committee and contributing to evidence-based teaching material

What are you expected to get out of it? 

- Leadership position for portfolio (Certificates provided)

- Your name will be on Posters that are presented nationally 

- Opportunities to present at national MedEd conferences 

- Opportunities to produce MedEd publications with data

- Opportunities for Prizes (for best performing centres) 

Setting up a new committee and location is a prestigious opportunity - you can develop critical leadership skills, gain a real sense of accomplishment and is an impressive feat to talk about at interviews.

If you would like to become a regional lead please fill in the application form:


+44 7982 83 47

Thanks for submitting!

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