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Join the PUBG MOBILE Community on iOS - Top Battle Royale Mobile Game

This game is largely similar to other action games for mobile such as Call of Duty: Mobile and Rules of Survival, bringing together a huge number of players in a large map. These players then gather resources like weapons and resources and try to survive as the stage continuously shrinks.

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As far as gameplay goes, it retains all the complexities and the actions of the original game even in its mobile version. It sports a realistic and interactive environment, such as plants that move when you pass through them as well as vehicles you can ride around the map and even use to eliminate other players by running through them. It offers smooth animation graphics, which can be seen as you do different actions such as running, crawling, and jumping over obstacles.

It also compresses the full keyboard control from PCs to intuitive mobile control. With a movement-focused joystick on the left side of the screen and a set of action buttons on the right. This can be modified in the settings to adapt to left-handed players or those that need larger buttons. Regardless, it will still take some time to get used to these controls, especially with the fast-paced action that the game offers.

The introduced solutions will definitely help in recording best PUBG moments. As you can see, all of them are reliable and can make a footage of your PUBG gameplay without limits. Feel free to try them whenever you need a screen recorder for your favorite mobile games.

  • PUBG MOBILE is a free app for iOS published in the Action list of apps, part of Games & Entertainment.The company that develops PUBG MOBILE is Tencent Mobile International Limited. The latest version released by its developer is 2.6.0. This app was rated by 4 users of our site and has an average rating of 5.0.To install PUBG MOBILE on your iOS device, just click the green Continue To App button above to start the installation process. The app is listed on our website since 2023-05-18 and was downloaded 1801 times. We have already checked if the download link is safe, however for your own protection we recommend that you scan the downloaded app with your antivirus. Your antivirus may detect the PUBG MOBILE as malware if the download link is broken.How to install PUBG MOBILE on your iOS device:Click on the Continue To App button on our website. This will redirect you to the App Store.

  • Once the PUBG MOBILE is shown in the iTunes listing of your iOS device, you can start its download and installation. Tap on the GET button to the right of the app to start downloading it.

  • If you are not logged-in the iOS appstore app, you'll be prompted for your your Apple ID and/or password.

  • After PUBG MOBILE is downloaded, you'll see an INSTALL button to the right. Tap on it to start the actual installation of the iOS app.

  • Once installation is finished you can tap on the OPEN button to start it. Its icon will also be added to your device home screen.

Nov 16, 2021 Version 1.7.0 Over 1 Billion Players Worldwide Join the fight on Mirror Island to become ARCANE champions! New Mirror World Mode The ARCANE collaboration is here! Enter Mirror Island, transform into ARCANE heroes, unlock new skills and tactical items, and have intense battles in Erangel, Livik, and Sanhok! Experience battles like never before! VS AI Mode Update New difficulty added for greater challenge. This mode can now be entered without matching with teammates to battle anytime, anywhere! C1S3 is Here CYCLE 1 SEASON 3 is coming! Exclusive outfits from past seasons will return! Get lots of free high-quality supplies and rewards! Basic Experience Improvements New tactics with the carry system! When fighting enemies, you can now carry teammates or opponents who have been knocked out and take them to a new location! Match notifications, elimination feedback, custom button settings, etc., have been improved to keep providing our players the best battle royale experience on a mobile device!

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May 7, 2020 Version 0.18.0 Play the most popular mobile game in the world for the best Battle Royale experience! Explore new areas and items in the updated Miramar map! A sandstorm is coming! Prepare well to survive in the extreme climate! Upgrades to Classic Maps 1. Miramar Updates - A new Oasis in the northern part of the map and Ruins in the northwest are waiting for you to explore. More housing areas, roads, and resources have been added so that you can pick your landing spot and battles wisely. - A race track now runs through the whole map and is perfect for motorheads. - New Miramar vehicle: Golden Mirado. Only 1 will spawn on the map. Show off your riches in the desert! - Miramar's new Vending Machine: Get energy drinks or painkillers from Vending Machines scattered around the map. You might even be lucky enough to get 8 drinks at a time. - The Win94 comes with its own 2.7x Scope and only spawns in Miramar. 2. Sandstorm Incoming There is a chance that some areas in Miramar and the Main Menu will be ravaged by Sandstorms. 3. Miramar Main Menu Theme Update and download the base map to get the Miramar Main Lobby and music. 4. Miramar Achievements Play the new Miramar map and complete the objectives to get these achievements. 5. Miramar Events Complete new events for great rewards! Updates to Classic Gameplay 1. Bluehole Mode (coming soon) - Added Bluehole Mode to EvoGround: Erangel will now have 2 zones, an outer and inner zone. The inner zone is the newest addition which will represent the next play zone location. Players will lose health while in this inner zone as long as the outer zone is present. Once the outer zone finishes shrinking to the inner circle, a new inner zone will appear. - All supplies spawn with a 50% increase over the Classic Mode Erangel map. Players can revive a teammate in 4 seconds. 2. Jungle Adventure (coming soon) During this event, when finding a match in Sanhok there is a random chance to enter Jungle Adventure Mode. - Totems: Find ancient totems and invoke their power for a chance to receive a blessing or item. - Jungle Food: Fruit and other foods grow in the wild. Eating them may grant mysterious effects. - Hot Air Balloon: Control the Hot Air Balloon to survey the battlefield. New Arena Weapon New Weapon: P90 - The P90 has been added to the Arena and it is a fearsome weapon in close quarters. - Fires 9mm rounds and has a default magazine capacity of up to 50 shots. It has a single shot, burst shot, and full auto mode. - Equip the P90 with all SMG Muzzle attachments, 1x-6x Scope, and Laser Sight. Brand New Content 1. Cheer Park: Cheer Park is a social area that can accommodate 20 players at any time. It has most of the basic Training Ground features and lets players interact with other players in real-time! - Players can view the information of other players, chat, interact with Emotes, and add friends. - Players can team up with other players and play matches in various modes. - Invite friends to interact and roast chicken together in Cheer Park. Players can also engage in other interactions in Cheer Park: - Quick Draw: Players can have 1v1 duels with other players. - Hunt Game: The Hunt Game that was featured in the anniversary celebration is also available in Cheer Park. Give it a try! - The Shooting Range is a way to show off your shooting skills and compete against the other players in the Cheer Park. You can also share your results in chats. 2. Guncraft Finishes - Players can customize the colors, patterns, and emblems of their weapons after obtaining customizable finishes. - Players can create custom Emblems to truly personalize their weapons. - Guncraft materials are obtained from Lucky Spin. Some materials can also be purchased directly. - Graffiti can be exchanged for Guncraft stickers and applied to weapons as a finish.

If it sounds a lot like hot new game Fortnite, that's because Fortnite... let's just say heavily borrowed from PUBG. And if you're wondering why PUBG just arrived on mobile with no fanfare, it's probably because Fortnite just arrived on the iPhone and iPad four days ago and -- thanks to the superstar power of rapper Drake, who gave it the plug to end all plugs -- became the No. 1 app in 13 countries (according to SensorTower) within 12 hours of release.

Step 2: The trick, and the underlying solution, is to install a VPN on the device. It seems that Tencent Games and the partner publishers are checking location to see whether or not the user is actually allowed to access the details. If not, which means that the user has likely downloaded the game from illegitimate sources, then it fails. Which is why they need a VPN installed on the device to spoof location.

  • Developed by Krafton, the parent company of PUBG, New State Mobile takes place in the distant future in PUBG Universe, where economic instability has created class segregation amongst the rich and poor. For people who want to escape their harsh lifestyle, they take part in the Battlegrounds, the eponymous survival tournament, and the one standing tall gets a ticket to escape their harsh living standards.New State Mobile features similar gameplay PUBG fans are used to. It still features the 44 maps, except for newer locations. The distinct difference between this game and PUBG mobile is the graphics, and gadgets like drones, etc. to fight against opponents. New State Mobile also features exclusive new vehicles. If you want an alternative to PUBG mobile, yet something that is distinct, New State Mobile is a great alternative.ProsBattle royale gameplay

  • Exclusive guns and vehicles

  • Unique gameplay

  • Gorgeous graphics

  • ConsIntense graphics make it difficult to run on older systems.

Download: Android, iOS (Free, offers in-app purchases)


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