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Car Mechanic Simulator Mobile: The Benefits of Playing a Physics-Based Game

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Updated on January 28, 2023, by Chris Birsner: The developers at Red Dot Games have delivered multiple entries to their Car Mechanic Simulator franchise, with its latest game being Car Mechanic Simulator 2021. Even though it has been over a year since the last game, the developers have continued to release DLC for their game including adding new cars and collaborating with Wheeler Dealers. But it would be understandable for those who have played these games for some time to want something new. Luckily, there are plenty of mechanic games and various simulators out there that are available to try and capture similar magic.

car mechanic simulator mobile

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Once someone becomes a master car mechanic, it's time to move forward and see what other vehicles can be learned about and broken down. Train Sim World 2 doesn't quite go deep into all the different parts of the train or how to repair them, but it sure provides a lot of insight into controlling them.

While it certainly may seem like a silly entry in the genre of mechanic games, Kerbal Space Program takes its simulation elements very seriously. Kerbals are a race of aliens who are on a mission to explore space. The job of the player is to make that possible.

There are various modes to choose from in Kerbal Space Program, but at its core, it is a simulator designed for people to practice building spaceships and other relevant vehicles to see if they can run in space. The game has a realistic physics engine so that way players will know if what they are doing is going to be effective.

While Car Mechanic Simulator has made a name for itself as one of the best with this specific format, it's nice to see other developers give it a try. Available in early access, My Garage is a physics-based simulator focused on repairing and sprucing up vehicles.

Once the mechanical process is done, players can take the cars they make for a little ride out on the empty lot or even on the road. However, they can damage the vehicle as they drive around so it's important to take things for a spin safely in this car mechanic game.

Being authentic to the car mechanic profession is a big reason why Car Mechanic Simulator works. Another game that attempts to replicate a difficult job is Electrician Simulator, which is all about handling the electric routing in a house or in specific objects.

What if Car Mechanic Simulator was also a survival game as well? That's what My Summer Car is all about. This car-building simulator starts players off with all the parts needed to construct their ideal vehicle. Once it's properly assembled and ready to hit to drive, players can go out and find jobs where they can make money that can be invested into the car.

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After a long hiatus, Construction Simulator made its return in 2022 with a new release that is sure to make anyone interested in mechanic games or realistic games about building want to at least try it out. The game features two large maps with plenty of structures to build in both.

This time, however, they are fully interactive tanks from different eras in history. Players will be tasked with finding tanks on old battlefields and fixing them up to open up a tank museum. There are many other mechanic simulation games from the developer, but this game is among their best received.

Portable version of Car Mechanic Simulator 2018, developed for the Nintendo Switch. In Car Mechanic Simulator: Pocket Edition 2, we play as a mechanic repairing damaged cars, painting bodies, and tuning cars.

Another part of the well-known series, in which we play the role of a car repairer. Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 brings a number of improvements and new mechanics to the proven formula. The game was developed by the Polish company Red Dot Games.

Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 Mobile is a special version of the third part of the Car Mechanic Simulator cycle dedicated to mobile devices. The player takes on the role of an aspiring car mechanic whose aim is to promote his workshop. The Polish company PlayWay is responsible for the release.

Car Mechanic Simulator 2014 is a simulation game, in which you play as a car mechanic. The game was produced by Polish studio Red Dot Games, known from e.g. American LowRiders, Rally Poland and Need for Russia 4. In the game, you'll be given the opportunity to fix several car models. There are over 70 repair scenarios, in which you have to find out what's broken and take care of it. Each virtual vehicle consists of about 150 components, and to disassemble them you need specialist tools. The repair results can be tested by driving the car on a test track. Car Mechanic Simulator 2014 features simple but pleasant 3d visuals with well-rendered car models.

Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 is one of the better examples of a simulator, having an engaging depth of content and real love for the subject matter rather than a gimmicky title. Gameplay revolves around a fairly realistic rendition of a garage forecourt. Jobs comes in via the phone, which can be accepted depending on your skill and equipment level. Cars then appear and are repaired in a first person mode by finding faults and replacing faults. A race track becomes available later on for testing suspension, which completes the game's content. While it may be surprising to discover that a game called Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 becomes dull and repetitive, the sheer number of detailed cars to explore should be enough to hold the interest of real car fans. The lack of official licenses mean that the cars are copies of real world vehicles with alternative names, however.

Create and expand your auto repairs service empire. Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 will take you behind the scenes of daily routine in car workshop. Take on the role of the car mechanic and repair cars for your clients. Spend the earned money on expanding your workshop and improving your skills. Buy worn out cars, renovate them and sell with profit or become a famous car collector. If you manage your business well, you will surely succeed in the market.

Jobs are generated randomly so you'll have to choose on which car you will work. It seems like there is a group of customers waiting in front of the workshop for the mechanic... Additionally you can take limited amount of jobs in the same time and every one of them is time-restricted. With different difficulty and complexity levels and of course, different payment levels, wise management is the key here.

Some people love the fact that you can test and tweak a car that you might never own in real life. Others enjoy having the knowledge of how suspension works, or dialing in their alignment to the point where the vehicle responds accordingly. Being able to modify and tweak cars without the worry of the law is yet another appeal to the car mechanic simulator part of these games.

The simulator game continues to evolve and is being developed by RedDot. The new DLC is scheduled for release for most platforms on May 9th 2016. Produced by PlayWay SA, the new game is available for download through Steam and there are several DLC packages planned for release as well.

Car Mechanic Simulator will also be available for mobile download, giving racers the thrill and excitement on the go. Want to learn more about the innovative new game? head over to Playway now to get all the information on this creative new simulator for car mehanics everywhere.


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