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Dog Rescue - Draw Puzzle APK Free Download - Casual Game for Dog Lovers

Dog Rescue is a classic game. You draw lines to create walls that protect the dog from attacks by bees in the hive. hold on and you will win. Use your brain to save the doge.Dog Rescue help you train your brain effectively, download the Game to save your puppy from bees and relax your mind now!

dog rescue draw puzzle apk download

Find out different surprising, interesting, unexpected, and even hilarious drawing solutions to save the dog!Welcome to play our Doge games, if you have any comments about the game you can give us feedback, thank you for your participation.Immerse yourself in the interesting world of drawing puzzles!

The core gameplay in this app is similar to Draw 2 Save: Stickman Puzzle and Toilet Rush Race: Draw Puzzle APK. The object is to draw lines onscreen to solve puzzles and progress through the stages.


If you are Junior Doctor in Oxford looking to be a local tut...
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